Two Public Lectures by Ken Krechmer at the University of Colorado

by Ken Krechmer
Communications Standards Review

757 Greer Road
Palo Alto, CA USA 94303-3024
+1 650 856-8836

The University of Colorado International Center for Standards Research (ICSR) and Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program (ITP) sponsored two invited public lectures September 6-7, 2000 in Boulder, CO by Ken Krechmer, visiting ICSR Fellow.

The Fundamental Nature of Standards

Technical standards are a fundamental part of communications systems, an expanding part of economic constructs and a developing part of legal theory. The evolution of technical standards is survival of the useful. Classifications of standards, much like classifications of life forms, are developed. New classifications of standards are postulated that offer a view of the future economic and technical directions of the Internet and wireless telephones.

Competition in the Local Loop Local Access, from a Standards Viewpoint

Local Access from a Standards viewpoint discussses wireline, cable, optical fiber, wireless and power line network access technologies. Using an access node architecture deployment is either underway or planned for DSL, HFC, FTTC, FTTH. The pros and cons of each of the technologies is reviewed, the user premise gateway equipment requirement is explained and the likely scalability of each of the different technologies is analyzed.

Ken Krechmer
Communications Standards Review
757 Greer Road
Palo Alto, California 94303-3024 USA

VOICE: +1 650 856-8836

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