Three Public Lectures by Ken Krechmer at the University of Colorado

by Ken Krechmer
Communications Standards Review

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The University of Colorado International Center for Standards Research (ICSR) and Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program (ITP) sponsored three invited public lectures November 9-11, 1998 in Boulder, CO by Ken Krechmer, visiting ICSR Fellow.

This series of lectures, attended by over 100 graduate students and faculty, presented technical standards development as a self organizing evolutionary process. Viewing technical standards in four strata identifies the direct relationship of technical standards to the larger evolutionary trends of the human race. This model then supports forecasting future trends in technical standards development such as: the expanding interrelationship of standards committees, new ways to resolve intellectual property rights issues, new directions in technical standards development, new mechanisms to enhance the economic value of technical standards and new practices for opening technical standard's committee work.

The speaker explained the importance of on-going interdisciplinary work on technical standards and fruitful areas of future research including patent and anti-trust law, cultural anthropology, communications and media studies, policy sciences, computer science, mathematics of self-organizing systems, economics and marketing.

The three public lectures were:

"Communications Standards and Patent Rights: Conflict or Coordination?"

This talk, based on a paper of the same name, discussed the growing problems with communications standards that require proprietary intellectual property and proposed different ways standards development organizations have available to address these problems.

"The Principles of Open Standards"

Based on a paper of the same name which was awarded Second Prize at the World Standards Day competition this year, this talk identified ten possible requirements of any open standards development process and discusses the importance of these requirements.

"The Structure of Technical Standards"

The third talk, based on the paper "Technical Standards: Foundations for the Future", defined four strata of standards, the relationship of this structure to society at large and how this structure is useful in understanding, implementing and forecasting technical standards.

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Ken Krechmer
Communications Standards Review
757 Greer Road
Palo Alto, California 94303-3024 USA

VOICE: +1 650 856-8836

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