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Isology.  Iso = same; -ology = scientific study of.  Isology is the scientific study of references.

Isology is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the junction between technology and society.  Isology offers a more rigorous way to examine this junction from many different perspectives: economics, engineering, business, computer science, mathematics, physics, national and international policy, history of science, and intellectual property law.   Isology is divided into three sub-fields:

  • References – the concept
  • Standards – formal realization of references
  • Standardization – the process of creating, or implementing or using implementations of standards

Standards function as feathers that guide the arrow of technology. While feathers are light and seemingly trivial on an arrow’s shaft, without feathers, few arrows find their mark.  Without standards, few technologies find their market.  With an understanding of Isology, diverse disciplines may be better able to understand and impact this significant and expanding junction between technology and society.